Monday, May 14, 2012


  convection occurs in liquids and gasses

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convection travels when you are next to someone and the heat is coming off of you on to the other person if you are warm

one example of convection is when you are on a radiator you will get hot but when you are next to it you wont get warm

Lauren Maddon


My heat transfer method is conduction.The heat transfer method occurs when 2 solid objects touch each when other and there 2 different temperatures one odject gives off the heat. When the heat is traveling when you touch something that is cold and it turns hot when the other object touches the cold object. The temperature is causing the heat to travel. For example, When you touch your face with your warm hand it transfer the heat. Another way you see conduction is when you cover yourself with a blanket it transfers  warm heat.    

Zoey Cruz


heat can travel in many different ways. there are three main ways, and the one i am going to talk about is  flows from warmer to coller objects until  their both the same temperature. In conuction heat transfer from solid to solid in waves. It travels whent wo objects are in contact ith each other. Some examples are a cooled freezer, person taking a warm bath, and hot food cooling on a stove.



Deborah King

                   My heat transfer method occurs in waves. The heat is traveling like this: As the transfer of heat in the form of waves through space. Listing evidence of using my heat method in everyday life:
1. The sun gives off radiation to our skin which is some type of radiation.
2.Whe we use the microwaveit gives off heat radiation.
3.The heater when we are cold and we turn on tthe heater we are using radiation to heat up our body. We are using radiation.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Dear Science students,

You will use this blog to create posts about how heat travels. Use the Internet to research information about the heat transfer method assigned to you. In this blog include the following information:

1. Description of your heat transfer method
2. Real life examples of your heat transfer method
3. Images of what your heat transfer method can look like
4. Links to the websites where we can find more information about your heat transfer method